Why Cancer Opinions

With CancerOpinions on your team, you will have peace of mind that your treatment is the best option for your fight against cancer.

Few things in life are as feared or anxiety provoking as facing cancer. You now have questions if what you are doing is the right thing, or you may not even know what questions to ask. As a member of your team, CancerOpinions opens the doors to leading experts for your type of cancer who will be by your side as your experienced guide.

CancerOpinions is the leader in cancer second opinions! We are an elite network of some of the most sought after cancer specialists from across the United States who provide expert recommendations to patients that otherwise would not have access to such a high level of expert care.




1)  Not all Oncologists have equal training, focus, & experience.

Over 80% of U.S. cancer physicians treat ALL types of cancer. Given the nearly 2,000 breast cancer research studies, 1,000 prostate cancer studies, and over 1,100 vaccine studies for cancer, just to name a few, it is NOT possible for the average oncologist to stay aware of all the new treatment options and recommendations available for every cancer.

CancerOpinions' experts each have vast experience in the treatment and research of a single type of cancer. This lifelong dedicated focus assures that no patient will be missing a potentially life-changing treatment.

2)  Busy Oncologists have limited time for educating patients and choosing the best treatment.

Most oncologists have 10-20 minutes to spend with a patient before they have to move on to the next appointment. This is not enough time to assure that you understand your cancer. Also, this does not allow the oncologist enough time to spend reviewing recent treatment advances and research options for every patient.

CancerOpinions' experts do not have these time constraints. They will thoroughly review your cancer records and provide you with comprehensive recommendations including your best treatment options. The report will provide you with a clear understanding of your cancer.

3) Quality Oncologists are NOT offended by second opinions.

Many patients are reluctant to seek a second opinion for fear of offending their current physician. This should NOT be a concern. All physicians understand that cancer is a serious diagnosis and there are often many treatment options from which to choose. Physicians want their patients and their families to be reassured and feel confident when making those difficult treatment choices.

CancerOpinions is not replacing your local Oncologist. We are here to join your team in this fight. We provide you and your current oncologist with advanced recommendations from leading experts. We eliminate any concern that you may have regarding your treatment options.


“I take the fight against cancer personally. I lost my father to esophageal cancer. I understand the disruption cancer causes in a family. I understand the overwhelming anxiety and concern that cancer causes a patient or a family. It is my personal mission to bring together an elite team of some of the most sought after cancer specialists in the country for each type of cancer and provide any cancer patient access to these specialists. Every patient deserves to know each and every treatment option available to them and which option will give them the greatest chance to survive in their fight against cancer."

Luke Nordquist, MD (Founder & CancerOpinions Urologic Cancer Expert)