What is Cancer?

Cancer is not one disease, but many diseases that occur in different areas of the body. Each type of cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells. Under normal conditions, cell reproduction is carefully controlled by the body. However, these controls can malfunction, resulting in abnormal cell growth and the development of a lump, mass, or tumor. Some cancers involving the blood and blood-forming organs do not form tumors but circulate through other tissues where they grow. A tumor may be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Cells from cancerous tumors can spread throughout the body. This process, called metastasis, occurs when cancer cells break away from the original tumor and travel in the circulatory or lymphatic systems until they are lodged in a small capillary network in another area of the body. Common locations of metastasis are the bones, lungs, liver, and central nervous system. The "type" of cancer refers to the organ or area of the body where the cancer first occurred. Cancer that has metastasized to other areas of the body is named for the part of the body where it originated. For example, if breast cancer has spread to the bones, it is called "metastatic breast cancer," not bone cancer.

Won't my doctor be offended that I'm seeking a second opinion consult?

Many patients are reluctant to seek a second opinion consult because they think they may offend their physician. However, second opinions consults will not offend competent physicians. Your physician understands that cancer is a serious diagnosis and there are often many treatment options from which to choose. Physicians want their patients and their families to be reassured and feel confident when making those difficult treatment choices. In fact, your doctor would probably urge you to get a second opinion consult from experts like those practicing at CancerOpinions.com.

Does insurance cover second opinion consults?

Some insurance plans will pay for second opinion consults while others will not. It's best to check with your health insurance provider about your particular plan. CancerOpinions.com does not bill insurance companies but will provide you with any information you need to submit you own claim.

How much does a second opinion consult cost?

The cost of a standard second opinion consult is $675. A CancerOpinions.com specialist will thoroughly review your cancer records and promptly provide you with a clear, comprehensive second opinion consult based on the latest research and treatment guidelines. Our physician will work to provide you and your current cancer physician the valuable information and guidance needed to ensure you have all the critical information to make the most appropriate treatment decisions.

Who will receive the results of my second opinion consult?

Your second opinion consult will be provided to you and to your referring physician.

What steps should I follow to get my second opinion?

All the tools you need to request your second opinion are at your fingertips. CancerOpinions.com provides you with the proper forms to request a copy of your medical records, a comprehensive self-assessment, we will complete with you on-line, plus your own personal Patient Portal that will contain your second opinion, e-mail correspondence, and more.

What information is contained in a Second Opinion Consult?

We've provided a sample second opinion consult for your review.

When should I consider getting a CancerOpinions.com Second Opinion Consult?

You should consider getting a second opinion consult when:

• You want reassurance of your cancer diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

• If you are facing a life-threatening cancer, and time is crucial in getting another recommendation.

• You are not able to travel outside your area to visit a nationally-recognized cancer physician, or your health restricts your capability to travel.

Why should I get a second opinion consult from CancerOpinions.com?

The physicians of CancerOpinions.com have been hand selected for their advanced knowledge and expertise in a specific cancer. Each physician possesses a compassionate mindset for cancer patients and their families and understands the challenges they face.

All CancerOpinion.com physicians have backgrounds with the most prestigious cancer centers in the United States, are all active in clinical practice, and recognized as leaders in cancer research, cancer treatment guideline development, and committees both on a local and national level. It is the collective commitment of the physicians of CancerOpinions.com to provide the most comprehensive advanced treatment advice to our patients.

Is CancerOpinions.com available to everyone?

Due to state laws, we are not allowed to provide a second opinion consult to residents of the State of Louisiana.

Can I request a second opinion consult for someone other than myself?

Yes, you will need to obtain the patient's permission, receive their primary physician or oncologist referral permission and submit their current medical records.

Will I receive a receipt for the second opinion consult?

Upon entering your credit card information, a copy of the payment receipt will be available for download and will also be emailed to you. Your credit card will not be changed until you receive your consult. 

Do I have to have an email account to request and receive a second opinion consult?

The physicians and staff at CancerOpinions.com will be providing your information to you via email; therefore an email account is required.

What if I don't know my diagnosis or if I can't find my cancer diagnosis listed during the sign-up process?

You will need to know your diagnosis, so we can match your cancer type with a physician who specializes in your condition. If you don't see your specific type of cancer on our list, please call our office 1-888-932-6746 and speak with one of our cancer nurse specialists.

Can I cancel my second opinion consult?

If you have submitted payment via credit card and would like to cancel your order, please call our Support Staff at 1-888-WEB-OPIN (932-6746).

How long will it take to receive my opinion?

Your second opinion consult will be provided within 7 days of receiving your signed physician referral request and your medical records. You will be notified by email when your opinion is ready for review. We will also provide your referring physician with a fax copy of the opinion.

Why do I need to receive my physician's referral to get a second opinion consult?

In order to comply with state laws, a primary or specialty physician is required to provide a referral for a second opinion consult. A referring physician request form will be provided to you during the sign up process.

How do I obtain copies of my medical records?

A Disclosure of Medical Records Authorization form is provided on the website during the sign up process in the form of a Fax Cover Sheet. This form can be signed by the patient and then provided to the medical facility that is housing the records. The Fax Cover Sheet contains a checklist of medical records needed and a toll-free fax number for submitting copies of the reports. As an optional service, CancerOpinions.com can contact your physicians and collect your records for an additional fee.

Do I choose the specialist I want to provide my second opinion consult?

CancerOpinions.com staff will review your cancer type/diagnosis and determine the specialists that is the most experienced in dealing with your type of cancer.

Will my medical information be shared with anyone else?

Your medical information will be secure and will only be viewed by our staff nurses and your selected physician. Our top priorities are the security and confidentiality of your personal information and medical records. Our program is completely HIPAA compliant.

Will my credit card information be kept secure?

When providing your credit card information for any of our services, we will store the information in our secure system until your services have been provided to you. At that point, the only information kept in our system is the last four digits of your card to assist in any questions that you may have.

Will I be able to communicate with the physician who provided my second opinion?

If you have additional questions regarding your consult, please contact our support team at 1-888-WEB-OPIN (932-6746) for assistance.

Is it necessary for a CancerOpinions.com physician to perform a physical exam, review pathology slides, or review my X-rays and Cat Scans?

By performing a thorough review of your medical history information, self-assessment and medical report summaries/test results provided by your referring physicians, the CancerOpinions.com physicians will have all the necessary information to provide you with an overview of your cancer and provide recommendations. It is not necessary to have a physical exam completed by our physicians.

Can CancerOpinions.com receive medical records in languages other than English?

At the present time, it is necessary to receive all medical reports in English. If you are interested in submitting your medical records in a foreign language, a translation fee may be required. Please contact us for assistance.

Can I meet with the physician who performed my second opinion consultation?

A list of all our physicians, their biographies and photos are provided on our website at Our Expert Physicians. At this time, CancerOpinions.com can only arrange the second opinion consultation. If you would like to contact your second opinion consult for follow-up treatment, feel free to contact them at their current medical facility.